Disk On Ring Bracelet


From Flash Drive Wristbands, Bracelet to Wooden USB Necklaces

DiskOnRing Jewelry – Creating and looking to infuse some unique technological features into their wardrobe should look no further, because these USB jewelry designs offers some creative ways to combine fashion and convenient data storage in one.

When it comes to having something practical to store and transfer files within, flash drives often offer easy access for users to conveniently move data from one place to another. And while USBs are often handy, constantly carrying them with you at all times can be a hassle, which is why opting for jewelry pieces that conveniently double as USBs is a convenient way to have these tech gadgets at all times.

From military memory sticks to crystallized flash drive pendants, these USB jewelry designs will definitely satisfy anyone looking to add some geeky tech features to their look.

See some of our beautiful Jewelry USB Creations.